Finstar Academy

Finstar Academy

Equity Trading Course                              Commodity Trading Course                                 Forex Trading Course

We have developed  a modified training and trading support solutions which will make an individual to trade like a professional in Equity, Commodity and Forex Trading in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Our Training program teaches you to control your own destiny by mastering the Equity, Commodity and Forex Trading.

  • Learn the basics of Equity, Commodity and Forex Trading.
  • Learn to analyze the global market and choose the right scripts for your trading.
  • Learn the unique art and rules of trading and how to apply core strategies.
  • Learn to manage your assets in order to grow wealth and moderate risk.

Anybody can take this training program; there is no age limit or qualification barrier.

Course Duration: 1Day (Theoretical) Practical’s: 15days on live Market.